It is my great honor to represent the people of Missouri’s 50th District and to share with you this week’s District 50 Report:

Thank you to those who testified in support of my HB 1601 which had a hearing in the House Local Government committee last week. Ashland is one of the fastest growing cities in Missouri. HB 1601 allows the City of Ashland to put on the ballot (in a primary or general election) for voters to consider a lodging tax for the promotion of tourism, growth of the region, economic development purposes, & public safety. 

The City of Ashland is seeking this additional revenue stream to help fund its expansive growth, yet without increasing taxes on its residents. 

The Columbia airport is in the City limits of Ashland, and does not yet have an airport hotel, but likely will soon as the airport is rapidly expanding and there is rapid growth in the area. Lodging establishments in Columbia (our nearest neighbor city) already have a lodging tax (transient guest tax). 

In addition, the Potterfield Group has presented a concept to transform Cartwright Industrial Park, which is inside the Ashland city limits (and located not far from the Columbia airport). The Potterfield Group’s concept would create a sports, entertainment, dining and lodging venue, which could include as many as four hotels.

City of Ashland on the ballot would initially start the guest tax at 4 percent. The transient guest tax has potential annual revenue of $137,510 from one hotel based on 63 percent occupancy (average) for a 115 room hotel, 165 days of the year, at $130/night stay rate for each hotel, totaling $412,530 if there are three hotels. 

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