God works in mysterious ways, and Walk in Faith Church has experienced His complex methods quite a few times in the past months. We may not have understood or even appreciated His methods to begin with, but by listening to His sound wisdom and presence, we definitely reaped amazing results. And that is what we truly believe with our entire beings at Walk in Faith Church, formerly known as Ashland United Methodist Church.

Last September, we received startlingly news; our church had been added to the list of Methodist churches to be closed. Our response was to be expected, feelings of disbelief, heartache, and sadness approached, but then the whisper of our Lord started in our hearts. He made His mission known to us that we were not at the end of our journey as a place of worship and gathering. What followed was a path of passion, hard work, and some may say, bullheadedness. We investigated our options, and reached out for advice from anyone who might be of help. The light at the end of the tunnel appeared when we found an agreement to separate from the Methodist denomination, retain our investments, and continue as a completely independent church.

We, as a church family, are excited and proud to announce that as of May 31, 2018, we officially became: Walk in Faith Church, a non-denominational church serving Ashland, Missouri.

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Submitted by Jessie Diederich