There will be a public hearing on the City of Ashland’s 2020 Comprehensive Plan in the coming weeks. The hearing was originally set to be held on July 8, but ultimately did not happen. According to Mayor Richard Sullivan, city officials are working to set another date for the hearing.

The City of Ashland’s Comprehensive Plan is a guide for policy regarding the physical development of the Ashland community. According to the plan itself, it is built to be “comprehensive, general, and long-range.” The first City Plan was created in 2009 and was used until the adoption of the 2020 Plan. Its goal is to create a guide that includes all of the geographic aspects of the community and anything that could influence physical development and to create a wide set of policies and proposals that are not focused on specific projects. It is also designed to go beyond the immediate future, addressing possible issues and possibilities from 10 to 20 years down the road.

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By Alex Naughton

PHOTO: The Southern Boone Class of 2020’s graduation ceremony took place Friday evening, July 10 at the high school football field. From left, Gabbie Marren, Sydney Mattas and Brooklyn Marrs.