Sara Walsh is running for re-election on November 3, 2020. She first won the seat in 2017 to serve District 50 as the State Representative.

“The two main roles of the State Representative is to change state statutes and state laws from January to May, and represent the views of the district helping citizens navigate their government year around, serving the constituents. Government can be overwhelming because of all the layers, but to guide and navigate that government practice is the rewarding part of the job,” said State Representative Sara Walsh.

In Missouri the agriculture economy contributes an estimated $88 Billion. Walsh plans to continue making broadband easily accessable in rural areas and to support new forms of agricultural technology and education.

“The biggest thing that I am hearing from farmers is that we can not overregulate their industry to where they are just crippled,” said Walsh. Supporting property rights and no overreach or as Walsh says “no excessive regulation.”

Walsh has gained endorsements from several agriculture based groups and plans to support them with keeping their interests at heart and providing education resources.

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By Carson Blake