Not waiting until the start of the school year in September, the Ashland FFA set about last week to bring new plumbing to potential supporters.

As the first “pit-stop”, FFA members with $10 in hand, prepare to head to a new location.

FFA members delivered a blue toilet to numerous Ashland businesses and Southern Boone homes last week. The high school students then “rescued” and removed the brightly-painted toilet if the contributor suggested a new location. A suggested “tip” or donation for installation and removal was $10.

“Our FFA Chapter believes it is important that students start the school year feeling confident because that first day of school can make all the difference,” said FFA teacher Rebekah Hammett, “the toilet was placed in yards to help the FFA raise money to buy school supplies and clothes for children in our school district so each SoBoCo student has an opportunity to kick off the 2017-2018 school year with a fresh new look.”

For more information on the FFA Fundraising or to be a part of the project, donors can call Rebekah Hammett: 573-823-3611 or Kris Rankin at 573-808-1855.

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By Bruce Wallace