A pair of crashes on Highway 63 on Monday afternoon provided two more to the list of growing injury accidents in Mid-Missouri. Statewide the trend is growing as well as Missouri State Highway Patrol has recorded 369 traffic fatalities this year compared to 350 for the same time a year ago.

Monday’s crashes happened within minutes of each other and, according to Ashland Police Chief Lyn Woolford, were related as the second crash happened as traffic was slowed for the first crash.

A motorcycle being driven by Paul Swaim, of Columbia, was traveling at a high rate of speed when he was spotted by an Ashland Police officer at 4:49 p.m. Just as the officer called to have the motorcyclist intercepted, the two-wheel vehicle struck two cars just south of Peterson Lane, resulting in Swaim suffering a broken leg. He was cited for careless and inattentive driving and a license violation.

by Bruce Wallace

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