By: Jessica Rhorer

During this spring time things have been a lot different, however the climate has stayed the same and with this comes the time to plant. Right now is the perfect time to consider starting a garden or tending to your garden. Marilyn McGuire, a Missouri Master Gardener of 5 years, spoke with us and she says “Gardening saved my life during COVID-19 and has given me a positive outlook during these times.” Marilyn describes some of the best things to plant now and what will work in Missouri’s climate. Now that the weather is warming up it is the perfect time to plant. Many of you might remember some of the flowers your mother or grandmother had planted in their flower beds. A lot of those same flowers can be planted now and will have great success. McGuire says these lists of particular flowers will be perfect for Missouri’s hot, dry days. The annuals that should be considered are Marigolds, Dusty Miller, Petunias, Celosia, Vinca, Moss Rose, Coleus, Zinna, Profusion Zinna, Lantana, Poppies, and Cosmos.

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