William Sapp, Brynn Smith, Dylan Martin are all smiles

The students at the elementary school participated in The Great Kindness Challenge last week with other students around the world. Over 39,000 schools participated in this program.

Students dressed up for a different theme each day. Because of the snow days, our celebration week was shortened. Wednesday was Team Kindness (wear your favorite sports clothes), Thursday was Peace, Love & Kindness (wear tie dye/neon colors), and Friday was Be Kind at School (wear red & black).

Back: Estelle Helmka, Allison Roach, Ainsley Turner, Truman Ruby, Chase Yeager. Front: Gabbi Parlapiano, Evelyn Bustos, Rex Wallace, Gretchen Davenport.

During their weekly counseling lessons, students learned about how to be a Bucket Filler and not a Bucket Dipper. A Bucket FIller is someone who shows kindness to others. A Bucket Dipper does or says something unkind. As a part of the lessons, the students wrote kind notes to each other and put them in buckets around the building. The bucket filing will continue in our building until spring break.

A kindness quote was shared each morning with our morning announcements. This was to start our day thinking of being kind to others.

It was our first year to participate in The Great Kindness Challenge and the students enjoyed focusing on being kind to each other.

Courtesy of Sharon Horton, Elementary Counselor