Courtwarming royalty Chase Morris, Evan Sconce-Martin, Tye Talley, James Basnett, Addyson Pasley, Lauren Winters, Josephine Uhrig, Jessica John.

By Melissa Duckett
Southern Boone High School Student Council has started a new courtwarming tradition. Inspired by the homecoming royalty charity competition held each fall, members have decided to create a new grade-level charity competition for courtwarming.

This year’s courtwarming theme is “Cupid’s Courtwarming” with a Valentine’s Day flair. When it came to the traditional banner grade-level competition between classes, student council members felt that Southern Boone High School’s love could be shown in a better way.

Sophomore representative Nora Hess was part of the planning for the new charity competition. “Normally we decorate a banner for courtwarming, but this winter we recognized a student in our community that we could rally around and try to support. Supporting the Robinetts has brought together not just our grade but the entire high school. It’s something that everyone can help out with, and it’s really cool to see what the community can accomplish when working together.

Ryker Zimmerman, senior representative, recalls what went into the new grade-level competition. “We decided that a charity would be a better competition for courtwarming because not only were we supporting a good cause, but we also found a competition that everyone could participate in.”

For its first year, the competition aimed to take four charities, one for each grade in the high school, and have students compete by collecting donations. The first step was for student council members to determine their charities, but there was one family that instantly came to mind.

Cami Herin, Student Council treasurer, was part of the planning for choosing a charity. “We chose to do this because we knew that we had the ability to help this family when they needed it most. I’m sure that many people can’t even imagine the position that the Robinett family is in, and our hearts go out to them. It reminds people to put their differences aside and come together when there is a greater problem.”

Classmate and freshman representative Zoe Rice also felt raising money for the Robinett family was the right choice for the freshman class. “Our club has always been passionate about helping the community and student body. When deciding what to fundraise for, our club brainstormed causes we all believed in. Knowing our fellow classmate Sadie Robinett was bravely fighting Leukemia, we unanimously agreed that helping Sadie fight in any way we could would be the best way to help someone in our community.”

Sadly, Sadie lost that fight on January 22nd of this year. The charity fundraising has continued, however, with hopes to help the Robinett family with medical costs and her celebration of life costs.

“If I could tell Sadie’s family anything, it would be that there is a full community behind them. No one should ever endure any hardships alone and a small town like Ashland is a perfect place for a community to band together,” Harper Hanrahan, sophomore class president, said.

The school is also honoring Sadie’s memory on Thursday and students will be wearing orange for Leukemia awareness.

Southern Boone High School courtwarming this year takes place from Monday, February 5th through Saturday, February 10th. High school students will participate in a spirit week, door decorating contest, assembly, and school dance. The grade-level winners of the charity competition will be announced on Friday, February 9th after the varsity basketball games. The courtwarming queen and king will be crowned at 8:30 pm on Saturday, February 10th during the courtwarming dance.

This year’s royalty court has also been announced and includes seniors Addyson Pasley, Jessica John, Lauren Winters, Josey Uhrig, Chase Morris, James Basnett, Evan Sconce-Martin, and Tye Talley. The junior court representatives are Althea Meyer and Truman Naughton. The sophomore court representatives are Lydia Cunningham and Riley Straatmann. They are joined by freshman court members Drew Wren and Cole Basinger.

Student Council President senior Jessica John hopes that this courtwarming week will make lasting memories in the community and the student body. “This courtwarming week I am most excited to make new memories with my friends. As a Student Council member, I am most excited to see the rest of the student body enjoy the festivities we have planned for them. Student Council members and sponsors have worked so hard to make courtwarming one to remember.”

The competition ends this Friday and the total money raised and winners will be announced after the basketball game. Please donate to the grade level you wish to support in the competition.