Southern Boone sixth grade math students were intently studying their Chromebooks just before lunch on Monday morning. Students scrolled through questions, took notes and worked out problems in Sean Tillman’s classroom…you could have heard a pin drop.

But this was not a test.

It was not even standardized testing. It was a practice test and SoBoCo teachers, administrators and students are taking the process very seriously.

“We didn’t not think last year’s practice test aligned with the actual test,” said SoBoCo assistant superintendent Dr. Tim Roth. “DESE has been working on this and really improved the test, it is now a meaningful practice test for our Elementary, Middle School and High School students.

Roth said students would learn the different online tools – such as ‘drag and drop,’ highlighting correct answers, multi-select answers, graphing, and more – which will prepare them for the test.

Students at each of the three buildings will be tested in Math and English/Language Arts in April. High school students will also be tested in biology and government.

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By Bruce Wallace