The Southern Boone School Board is looking to use a plan that has worked in the past in order to keep up with the student population growth: Pay off debt and hopefully, sell more no-tax-increase bonds in order to buy more space.

At a September 26 special meeting, the board approved paying off the balance of bonds issued in September, 2011 prior to their March 1, 2019 maturity date.

“With this vote,” said SoBoCo Superintendent Chris Felmlee, “the school board saved the voters $230,000 in interest and brought the district’s bonding capacity up to more than $5 million.”

The school board then discussed what building priorities could be addressed if they put another no-tax-increase bond issue to the voters. The school board has addressed different scenarios to solve the potential upcoming logjam of students at the Middle School – including building a fifth and sixth grade wing or an entire new Middle School.

However, board President Barrett Glascock said the board has “about arrived at a consensus” on building a new administration building west of the Elementary School, which would free up classroom space at the old elementary school for fifth grade classes.

“We are talking in that direction,” Glascock said, “we will move administration out of there and it frees up a lot of space.”

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By Bruce Wallace