Parents not paying for school lunch could face small claims court, collections and missing end-of-year celebrations or graduation; Felmlee seeks payment plans.

The Southern Boone School Board quickly voted to accept member Craig O’Keefe back onto the board Monday night.

O’Keefe, who unexpectedly resigned last week, said at the outset of the board’s regular monthly meeting he wanted to rescind his resignation.

“My original reason for resigning was a lack of consistency and leadership,” O’Keefe said, “and indecisiveness.”

One area where the board has been indecisive for more than a year, came to a conclusion Monday night – the board voted unanimously to go to court to clear up unpaid school lunch balances as well as not allow parents of those students with unpaid school lunch balance, and no payment plan, to attend graduation ceremonies.

The board passed revised policy IKFB which now states: “Unpaid meal balances will result in action against the student’s parents or guardian. Parents or guardians with unpaid meal charges will not be able to attend the high school graduation ceremony. Parents with approved payment plans are exempted from punitive action.”

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By Bruce Wallace