Southern Boone High School ACT scores once again exceeded the state average and were at the same level as in recent years, which pleases principal Dale Van Deven.

“We have nearly the entire class taking the test,” Van Deven said, and the more students you have taking the test, the composite score gets lower.

The SoBoCo composite score was 21.4, a full point ahead of the state average composite of 20.4. The SoBoCo average last year was 21.5, the first year the ACT test was given to every student in the school’s junior class.

“What I like seeing across every area – English, Math, Science and Reading, is that we beat the state,” said Van Deven. “It shows consistency with past years and our number of test-takers is significantly higher. That reflects highly on us and what is going on in this building.”

The scores reported are the most recent score of last year’s senior class. In the past, ACT used a student’s highest score – a change that Van Deven said might have bumped SoBoCo’s composite a bit more.

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By Bruce Wallace