Sloane Schultz, 3rd; Wyatt Shanks, 2nd; Drew Bell, champion

By: Justine Rogers
Southern Boone hosted the International Academic Competitions (IAC) Central Missouri Regional Event on March 9th at the Southern Boone Middle School. We had many students participate and do an absolutely fabulous job of representing our district!

Science Bee
8th grade — Blake Schupp, second place
7th grade — Chelsea Klutho, champion

Chelsea Klutho, champion 7th grade science

6th grade — Kipton Denkler, second place; Griffin Pfingsten, fourth place; Drew Bell, fifth place
5th grade — Grady McClendon, champion, Annamae Allen, second place; Boston Cooper, third place; Eben Eiler, fourth place
4th grade — Max Minge, champion; Amelia Bell, second place
3rd grade — Maxwell Klutho, champion; Quinton Hamm, second place; Raelyn Malone, fourth place

Grady McClendon, Annamae Allen, Boston Cooper, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in 5th grade science

Geography Bee
8th grade — Kayden Gilstrap, second place
6th grade — Drew Bell, second place
4th grade — Carter Schler, champion

History Bee
8th grade — Kayden Gilstrap, third place
6th grade — Drew Bell, champion; Wyatt Shanks, second place; Sloane Schultz, third place
5th grade — Annamae Allen, champion
4th grade — Carter Schler, champion; Edward Wiley Allen, third place

All of these students qualify to go to the National Competition to be held in Orlando in May. They also received (or will receive) invitations to the International Competitions to be held in various places around the world over the next year!

Special thanks go to the district for allowing us to host the competition; to our amazing Mike the Custodian at the middle school, who kept us clean all day; to Will and Paula Klutho, who organized a concession stand to feed the kids; to Mrs. Catron, Ms. Gam, Ms. Sappington, and Mrs. Kennish, who came to watch kiddos in their classes compete; to our parents, who got their kids to and from practices and were there to support their students every step of the way; to our amazing moderators, Zoe Anderson Clark, Brandi Johnson, Melissa Edwards, Colby Buntaine, Dana Schultz, and Alex Dzurick; and to all the other folks I’m forgetting to name.

Our students were gracious hosts who both won and lost with dignity. It was a great day to be a Southern Boone Eagle!