Missouri House candidate Michela Skelton, D-Columbia, has opened a lead in her fundraising efforts in the race for the 50th District seat.

However, her opponent, Sara Walsh, R-Ashland, is claiming another endorsement, this one from the Missouri Chamber of Commerce.

The two squared off last week at the Columbia Chamber of Commerce in their only forum. While the two offered very different opinions to questions asked by the chamber, there was little debate.

Skelton announced Tuesday that she out-raised Walsh by $10,000 in the second quarter.

Skelton raised $39,750 from more than 500 contributions and has now raised $74,724 since entering the race.

Walsh raised more than $29,000 for the quarter and has accrued more than $55,000 during her campaign.

“From day one, our campaign has been powered by regular people who are fed up with broken government,” Skelton said. “They want someone who will finally fight for their needs in Jefferson City, rather than do the bidding of corporate donors, special interests and party leaders.”

Walsh might be behind Skelton when it comes to fundraising, however, she is confident she has what is needed to win the race.

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By Bruce Wallace