There are three seats on the Southern Boone County school board up for grabs in the coming June 2 election. There are six candidates for the seats: Tiffany Clevenger, Amy Begemann, Dawn Sapp, Kevin Schupp, Ashlee Vaughn, and Neal Lines. Two of the candidates, Sapp and Schupp, are incumbents seeking reelection.

Clevenger has worked in child advocacy services since 2005 when she started her career at the Department of Social Services. Since then she has worked at Great Circle, a behavioral health organization, the Department of Child Health at the School of Medicine, and most recently, as a project manager for the Missouri Child Psychiatry Access Project. “I have always had a passion for being an advocate for children and being in a position to make a difference,” Clevenger said. Clevenger moved to Ashland in 2015 and has since joined the Southern Boone Booster Club and is a frequent attendee of sporting events. With her years of professional experience, Clevenger believes she has a good working knowledge of family systems, child well-being, and their mental health needs. If elected, she plans to focus on ensuring the mental and physical safety and support of students and staff, as well as finding ways to attract and retain high-quality teachers in the face of budget cuts. Clevenger says she is not afraid to question the administration and challenge issues she does not understand or agree with and plans on being a transparent and honest member of the school board.

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By Alex Naughton