Oliver Martin & Elijah Madan

By: Ernie Wren
Legion Martial Arts students Oliver Martin, Elijah Madan, Kaden Foreman, Maxwell Minge, and Glenda Richardson, along with owners Dillon and Heather Trautman competed in the “Show Me State Showdown” taekwondo tournament in Columbia on February 17th.

Kaden Foreman takes 2nd place

Maxwell Minge takes 2nd place

Ms. Richardson is a 3rd degree black belt currently ranked 2nd in Missouri in forms and sparring. Mr. Trautman is is a 4th degree black belt currently ranked first in Missouri in combat weapons and sparring.

Ms. Trautman is a 1st degree black belt with Missouri rankings of first in combat weapons and second in sparring. Ms. Trautman is also currently in the Top 10 World Rankings.

Dillon & Heather Trautman

The Ashland Legion Martial Arts school took home numerous medals in colored and black belt divisions. See their facebook page here for details.