UPDATE: Police continue to search for Eusebio Daniel Barajas-Real.  He is suspected of firing three shots at an Ashland police car late Tuesday night. Police ask that anyone with information regarding his whereabouts call 311.

Eusebio Daniel

12.18.19 – On 17 December 2019 at approximately 11:06 p.m., three shots were fired at an Ashland Police car on East Broadway Street at the Bass Street intersection in Ashland.  All three shots hit the police vehicle.  Two bullets struck the windshield and the third hit and damaged the overhead light bar. Of the two strikes to the windshield, one bullet penetrated the glass on the drivers side of car and hit the dashboard directly in front of the steering wheel and seated Officer.  The Officer occupant was not injured.

Shell casings found at the scene were .22 caliber.  The Officer being fired upon was able to drive away from the danger.  He and the second officer on duty immediately attempted to locate the shooter, who was dressed in all black clothing.  Their efforts were unsuccessful.  Additional personnel from the Boone County Sheriff’s Department and Missouri Highway Patrol came to Ashland to assist with search efforts.  As of this writing the person of interest is still at large.

The shots fired incident resulted from our Officer attempting to make contact with the pedestrian suspect walking eastbound on the south side of Broadway Street.  The Officer believed the person he intended to contact was wanted on outstanding misdemeanor warrants and also involved in receiving stolen property.  As the Officer pulled to the curb to make contact with the pedestrian, the pedestrian displayed a firearm and fired the weapon at the police car before the Officer was able to get out.  The Officer immediately drove away to the west to escape the danger.

Investigative leads are being followed to apprehend the offender.  Our Officer has complete support from the City of Ashland for his physical and mental well-being.  He is commended for his proactive effort to capture a wanted person.

Lyn Woolford, Ashland Chief of Police