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Sewer, water lines. What is your responsiblity?

Homeownership is a complicated process and responsibility. Not only are homeowners responsible for their property, but also for the utility lines from the property to the city main line.

As per City of Ashland Ordinance 14.116, the responsibility of the sewer service customer includes the construction, alteration or maintenance of all sanitary sewer lines up to their connection into the main line. Regardless of easements or other property.

The discussion of responsibility came in front of the Board of Alderman in April.

An Ashland resident’s sewer line had to be replaced. The line runs off the homeowner’s property and under the city park’s walking trail before it is connected to the main. To replace the line, the walking trail had to be disassembled and the homeowner is responsible by ordinance to replace the walking path.

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By Carson Blake