Ashland Police officer Andrew Worrall found himself facing a Covey Rise residence decorated – but not for Halloween.

Covey Rise resident Randy Cox littered his lawn with construction debris and homemade signs on Friday. He received a citation from Ashland Police for blocking the roadway with his Toyota.

Covey Rise resident Randy Cox had littered his lawn with construction debris and blocked the street with his Toyota.

Homemade signs adorned the mess expressing Cox’s frustration with construction litter and dirt left in his street, including: “More street sweepers, less Ashland PD.”

Worrall told Cox his car was blocking the street and needed to be moved. When Cox refused, Worrall told him he would have the car towed.

“Then tow the son-of-a-*****,” Worrall quoted Cox as saying in his report.

Worrall provided Cox a citation – which Cox displayed to the neighborhood on a sign board – but his Cox’s wife moved the car out of the street.

Ashland Police Chief Lyn Woolford said it was not uncommon for debris or dirt to be a problem from construction sites, but that he was unaware of any recent complaints. Woolford said there were ordinances in the city code which state construction areas be kept clean.

The bill from Cox’s protest citation will likely be $24-$50, according to Woolford, plus court costs.