At least two members of the Southern Boone County Schools school board and one administrator have said that they favor allowing trained faculty and administrators to be armed during the school day.

Those opinions were voiced last week after the mass shooting and killing of 17 students at a Florida high school.

However, SoBoCo superintendent Chris Felmlee said he is very reluctant to put such a burden on district employees. One school board member said he thought the discussion might be a moot point if the Ashland Police Department follows through with providing law enforcement officers in the schools. That comment came in reference to a plan by Ashland Police Chief to do just that – have police, at random times, spend a part of their day in the school buildings.

The discussion began on social media as SoBoCo Activities Director and coach Pat Lacy posted in favor of arming faculty.

“No students should ever have to have fear at school,” Lacy posted. “Too many school shootings and watching coverage this morning really breaks my heart.”

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By Bruce Wallace