In growing concern for the health of Southern Boone County students, school officials are seriously considering adding the chemical nicotine to random drug testing. Finding a thin line between school and parent intervention.

In separately interviewed groups of Southern Boone County High School students, all gave identical responses, that of the total high school student population an estimated 60-65% use e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are a devices that produces an aerosol or vapor by heating a liquid that contains nicotine, flavorings, and other undefined chemicals. E-cigarettes come in a wide variety of containers. Juul is the most popular brand of e-cigarettes.

These e-cigarettes are marketed as a ‘healthier alternative’ to traditional cigarette smoking.

E-cigarette companies claim that there are 7,000 chemicals, many that are toxic, ingested from traditional cigarettes. Due largely in part to the smoke from the cigarette, those are not found in e-cigarettes vapor.

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By Carson Blake

Lead Photo:  The approach to Redtail is delayed because a high pressure gas main needs to be relocated by Ameren UE, right, while also addressing drainage issues caused by storm water runoff in front of the school.  

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