The Southern Boone High School Library, long a large hall with less-than-comfortable tables and chairs, high ceilings and big acoustical tiles, is going to be in for a makeover.


New librarians Roxanne Gilpin and Katie Dunn, along with SoBoCo Principal Dale Van Deven and Assistant Principal David Shire have held discussions to develop a vision of a new high school library and that vision has flourished.

“We went to several meetings at other schools in our conference,” Van Deven said Monday, “and we saw the purpose and the function of their libraries was different.”

Van Deven said he wants SoBoCo to have a library with an identity of its own.

“Our facility is just out-dated,” Van Deven said. “It served its purpose at one time, but the upgrades we can make will serve the students and the staff better.”

A complete overhaul, Van Deven noted, will take years, but he said noticeable changes are already happening.

A party for library patrons – those students who went to the library web page, checked out a book or otherwise utilized the library – was held last Friday in the library with students having cake and a few treats. Word got around. Students asked librarian Roxanne Gilpin why they were not invited.

“We want to do something for students who make the library part of their week,” Gilpin said. “We won’t do this but once in a while, but we want to word to get around that we are doing some new things.”

Not only is the library itself getting a new look, but Gilpin and Dunn are working to create a new culture.

“I think the design is a big part of this,” Gilpin said. “We are looking at changing the flooring, the walls and we have weeded out some of the old books and given them away.”