The new school board rejected a district proposal to not pay coaching stipends if the seasons were cancelled due to Covid-19.  Prior to the meeting, an email had gone out to coaches, indicating that if seasons were cancelled, the coaches and sponsors would not receive their stipends.  Many parents, patrons and coaches felt this was unfair, given that the coaches prepare and train for the season year-round.  As an example, the football team is working out now in preparation for the fall season.  

District officials held a closed meeting to discuss the final wording of the contract language with coaching staff. It was reported following this meeting that it did not go well, and that some coaches were frustrated at the outcome.  From questions asked at the meeting about music, drama, FFA, Quiz Bowl and other activities, it was not clear whether or not the Activities Director would continue to be paid the same if those activities were cancelled. 

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By Ernie Wren