The SoBoCo school board approved the following at its December meeting recently:

• The SoBoCo School Board reviewed the 2017-2018 School District Audit. No weaknesses or additional findings were found. 75% of expenses were on personnel. The board also underwent an independent auditors reported on modified cash bases. “I’d like to say how wonderful Phyllis Weter does with our budget, we never have had an issue” said SoBoCo Superintendent Chris Felmlee.

• The School Board accepted the resignation of Ashley Van Black 5 grade, and the employment of Madisynn Dobbins as night custodian, and special education paraprofessionals Robby Dirigo, Doris Jenkins, and Betty Bartlett.

• The Career Technical Education Program updated the board on students at the Middle School and High School levels. The current faculty asked the school board to consider another part time technical career teacher in the future.

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