The SoBoCo school board discussed several issues pertaining to transportation at the regularly meeting held Monday evening.

The first topic to be discussed is the two bus driver positions that have been open since March.

Despite growth to the school district, the number of riders has been consistent at approximately 750. However, Special Education (SPED) riders have had an increase in student numbers and the current route lasts for an hour and forty-five minutes.

“That route is too long for our SPED riders, so we need to hire a second driver to split the route,” said Justin Griffin transportation director.

The SoBoCo school board took pay into consideration for the lack driver applicants received so far.

Currently, bus drivers for day trips are paid $13 an hour. Regular drivers are paid $21.50 per route. The school district does not employ any full-time bus drivers; therefore they are not eligible to receive any benefits.

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By Carson Blake