The Southern Boone County School Board approved three initiatives during their regular monthly board meeting on Monday which will change very different aspects of the school district.

• The school board approved a measure which will increase the offerings for Special Needs students and Early Childhood education. This means that those students will no longer be required to take a bus – some of them are on the bus for hours each day – to Jefferson City for services.

“We currently serve 16 students and have had this service in Jefferson City for as long as anyone can remember,” said SoBoCo Superintendent Chris Felmlee. “This is attributed to the growth in the district and by providing services to these children here at home, we will see this program – and our community – grow.”

Felmlee said the Federal and State governments will match dollar-for-dollar the costs of adding a teacher and at least one para-professional for the program, as well as any equipment and transportation needs.

“People will move here to get these services,” Felmlee told the school board. “We will have children with Special Needs such as austism and other disorders. This is great for our kids, our district and a great move for our education program. It will help our families who need our help the most.”

• The board voted to add high school wrestling to the Eagles athletics lineup. The start-up cost, according to coach Trent Tracy, is budgeted at $50,000 due to one-time costs of a mat and other equipment. However, Tracy said the annual costs should be below $10,000 for the sport.

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