Scammers are cloaking themselves under the trusted name Boone Electric Cooperative to try and steal money from hardworking mid-Missouri residents. BEC has learned from potential victims that someone, using the BEC phone number 573-449-4181, is calling local numbers and threatening those who answer with immediate disconnection if they don’t pay their late bill and then demand payment information. This is not how BEC conducts collection calls.

Thankfully, the scammers reached non-members who were concerned enough to call BEC. Multiple calls in multiple days has prompted us to step-up our warnings to those we do serve. To our members: please remember, a BEC employee will NEVER take a payment over the phone. Please, do not give your payment information to an individual asking, ever. When in doubt, please, call us and let us know if you have been targeted or want to double check your information. We also offer other secure pay options like online-bill pay, the SmartHubb app, office hours and a kiosk in our drive-thru.

We always encourage safety and are here to answer questions and offer help to our members.