Following the stormiest weather pattern in decades across much of the United States along with the coldest conditions experienced in a generation for most of the South Central region, a major shift in the weather pattern is forecast to begin this weekend — and it could bring relief that could last through the end of February.

A major onslaught of winter storms and brutal Arctic cold has left millions in the middle of the country shivering, including many who have been struggling to stay warm without power in Texas this week. At peak, nearly 4 million people in the Lone Star State were trying to get by without power and heat early this week, and 2.5 million were still without power on Wednesday morning. The extreme cold and other issues related to power outages, such as carbon monoxide poisoning, turned deadly.

AccuWeather meteorologists say the upcoming pattern change will set off not only an upward trend in temperatures but also a thaw and a break from big storms over much of the Central states.

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