Floodwaters rush over Route Y at Cedar Creek Bridge

By: Tara Blue
Fourth of July activities were cancelled throughout Southern Boone as central Missouri received up to 8 inches over a three-day period, from 2-5 July (National Weather Service, STL). More rain continued over the weekend, causing flash flooding events which resulted in several deaths, including Boone County Assistant Fire Chief Matt Tobben and 81-year-old Iveta Thayer of Columbia.

Tobben lost his life after his boat capsized and lost power while he was trying to rescue two people from floodwaters near Bear Creek and Rangeline Road in Columbia. Thayer lost her life after floodwaters swept her car away near the Gillespie Bridge Road next to Perche Creek Road in Columbia.

The Boone County Office of Emergency Management advises drivers to never drive through floodwaters. Six inches of fast-moving floodwater can knock over an adult and it takes only two feet of rushing water to carry away most vehicles, including pick-ups and SUVs. Remember: