Lead Photo:  Hartsburg restaurant owner Dotty Manns will be retiring at the end of the month after a lifetime in the restaurant business. 

Lead Story:

The Ashland Planning and Zoning Commission approved a request by Bauer Homes Inc. for conditional use of an Ashland City Code at the July 10 meeting, despite concerns from a local business.

Kurt Williams, operating manager of Assisted Transportation, raised concerns that the four-plex Bauer Homes is planning to construct would create unwanted problems in the area of Commerce Drive. The location of the parcel is situated near the Southern Boone County Senior Center, Watts Construction and multiple family homes across the street.

“We would like the area in that location to continue as a commercial occupation with more business in mind, rather than residential,” Williams read from a letter prepared by the company and presented to board members.

Williams also said Assisted Transportation felt the zoning of the parcel in question should remain light-industrial, as it had originally been zoned, but the commission voted for the change in zoning from light-industrial to general-commercial at the June 12 meeting.

“We feel that the multi-family use will increase traffic, create noise, pollution, lower property values, and increase crime in the area,” Williams said. He followed with stating that in the ten years Assisted Transportation had operated at Commerce Drive, no crime had been reported.

Mike McCubbin, of Conservation Home Builders located near the parcel in question, stood in favor of the proposed construction.

“I do feel that this is what the neighborhood pretty much has. To the west of the property is the senior center and multi-family housing. To the north of the property is commercial and conventional use, and it is multi-family housing,” McCubbin said. “I think this is a good fit and I’d be happy to see it built.”

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By Briley Eilers