From the time Air Force One landed at Columbia Regional Airport, President Donald Trump’s supporters chanted and cheered.

The airport hanger was already at maximum capacity two hours before President Trump’s midterm rally was scheduled to begin at 6:30 Thursday, November 1.

An estimated 7,000 supporters greeted the President, as he gave his backing to Josh Hawley the Republican on the ballot for State Senate.

“He’s a good man. He’ll be a star. Josh shares your values and he’ll fight for you values all the time, so I need everyone to show up and vote. You got to vote for Josh. That’s why I’m here, other than I like you,” said the President.

Pres. Trump showed his support for each Republican for the midterm elections, but advocated heavily for Hawley.

“In just five days the people of Missouri are going to retire Claire McCaskill,” said the President. “The Democratic agenda is the agenda of the extreme far left, they’ve gone crazy folks. They’ve gone totally loco.”

The President emphasized his stance on affordable prescription drugs, current unemployment rates, foreign policy, the appointment of conservative Supreme Court Justices, and immigration.

Pres. Trump made his point clear, that a Republican vote in the midterm elections is a vote for President Trump.

“Tonight, thousands of Missourians came together to show the nation why President Trump carried the state by almost 20 points,” said Republican National Committee spokesperson Whitney Smith. “Missouri voters are excited to vote for the candidate that will work with the President to protect Missouri farmers from overreaching regulations, cut taxes for the middle class and vote to confirm conservative justices. Just like President Trump, Missouri Republicans are united behind Josh Hawley and look forward to a victory on Tuesday,” Smith said after the rally.

“It’s a great rally and cry for the people in the upcoming elections,” said Steve Walsh an Ashland resident, former journalist, and Press Secretary for Congresswomen Vicky Hartzler.

What the visit does is, “when a popular President in Missouri, comes to an area of a state, he gets the base excited. The Republicans want Josh Hawley, and it helps Republicans all the way down the ticket.”

Walsh spoke about the exciting experience of the Presidential rally that he shared with his wife Sarah Walsh, District 50 Republican Representative, who was on Tuesday’s ballot.

“Some people even camped overnight, it was exciting to be there. We spoke to many people, some that were even World War II veterans, that just wanted to see a President in person.”

Voting motivation was the main component for the President’s rally. The attention of the President visiting Boone County catches the attention of all voters, not just Republicans.

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By Carson Blake