Ashland Police and Boone County Sheriff’s office reported the following arrests recently.

• Ashland Police arrested James Scott Palmer, 55, of Columbia, on October 1 on charges of 4th degree domestic assault. Bonded $1,000.

• Lana Eads, 31, of St. Louis, was arrested on October 4, 2018 by Ashland Police on the following charges: armed criminal action, 3rd degree domestic assault and 4th degree domestic assault S.V.A. Bail to be set.

• Ashland Police arrested Lana Nichole Eads, 31, of St. Louis, on October 6, on a charge of unlawful use of a weapon. Bail not set.

• Edwin Dell Lyons, 41, of Ashland was arrested on October 5, by Boone County Sheriff deputies, on two out of county warrants. Bail $10,000.

• Boone County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Halley Christine Zarhouni, 19, on October 5, on a failure to appear charge. $5,000.