Mayor says Ashland needs full time city administrator; Woolford remains Chief of Police

The City of Ashland is looking for a new city administrator.

During a closed special session on Thursday evening, the Ashland Board of Aldermen and City Administrator/Police Chief Lyn Woolford agreed that it was time for Woolford to not wear as many hats and return to only one full time job – Ashland police chief.

“The City of Ashland and Lyn had common agreement to cancel the city administrator contract,” said Mayor Gene Rhorer. “Both parties agreed due to the work load that we wanted to separate the roles at this time.”

Woolford has been in the dual role of city administrator and police chief since October, 2015.

“We went into that agreement with the understanding that when it got so busy that he could not do both roles effectively, we would look for a city administrator,” Rhorer added.

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By Carson Blake