Lead Photo:  Annual spring recitals, such as the recent first grade sing, above, are a part of the regular spring schedule at Southern Boone schools. On spring break this week, school will be back in session on Monday.


Southern Boone Schools superintendent Chris Felmlee likes to use the phrase, “Here we grow again,” with an emphasis on the word grow.

Another large housing addition is being planned for the east side of Highway 63 in Ashland

It is an appropriate phrase for the new housing addition plat dropped at Ashland City Hall recently.

The plat calls for 235 homes to be built in phases on the east side of Highway 63 on the property commonly known as the ‘Peterson Farm.’

Builders Larkin Powers and Corey Myers will make up P&M Properties and develop the 131-acre area. The owner of the property is Forest Lake, Inc., a company in Rockwall, Texas owned by Keith Peterson, Jr.

The plat shows the entrance to the Forest Park addition to be directly south from Silver Snipe street and the homes will be built to the south.

Powers said the new subdivision would connect with the subdivision to the south and provide a safer route into town for those residents.

“It will connect to Ashley St. and that area,” Powers said, “and we have bought 15 acres south of that, which will also connect in the future.”

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By Bruce Wallace