On Monday, May 6, around 12:45am, an officer with the Ashland Police Department heard the sound of multiple shots being fired nearby where the officer was parked in his patrol vehicle. Immediately following the sound of gunfire, the officer observed a vehicle recklessly exiting a nearby business parking lot onto westbound East Broadway, in Ashland.

The officer pursued the vehicle south on Henry Clay Boulevard from East Broadway. As the officer followed the vehicle, witnesses called 9-1-1 and reported a commercial burglary involving gunfire at the “Trading Post,” a pawn shop located at 505 East Broadway.

Through the course of the investigation, Ashland Police and Boone County Sheriff’s Deputies learned the driver of the suspect vehicle forcibly entered the Trading Post pawn shop. The suspect’s forceful entry into the building was heard by a neighboring resident, who after hearing the sound of forcible entry, attempted to intervene and stop the burglary, subsequently scaring the suspect. The suspect returned to his vehicle and attempted to flee causing the neighboring resident to fear for his safety.

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