The Ashland Parks and Recreation Board is considering recommending an eighth of a percent park tax to the Board of Aldermen. The tax would affect all citizens of Ashland.
The board spoke briefly about the tax at it’s weekly meeting Monday night, but did not vote on whether it wanted to move forward with the tax because not enough members were present.
The board does not yet have a specific plan for how the money would be used, but the members agree that the tax is important.
Mayor Gene Rhorer said the board needs a source of revenue.
“I think as the city grows, the additional money is needed because their budget is tight,” Rhorer said. “To have new things they need their own budget.”
Currently, the city of Ashland does not generate income specifically for parks and recreation. The board is only allotted a budget from the general city of Ashland revenue.
Fire Chief Lyn Woolford said a park tax would dedicate money to recreational improvements.
“Right now we have to budget for improvements, and that is dependent on revenue sources,” Woolford said. “With the tax, there would be a dedicated, predictable amount of money going to park maintenance.”

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by Lexi Larson