The Ashland City Parks Board met on May 11th to discuss both new and old business.  In new business, the board discussed how to use candy donated by Connections Bank and new flags for the “Avenue of Flags” along north Henry Clay.  With the previous cancellation of the annual Easter Egg Hunt due to social distancing guidelines, the board discussed ways in which it might be able to use the candy donations towards a public park reopening.  Due to the uncertainty of when that might occur, the board elected to discuss with Connections Bank how they would like use the donated candy.  Since new flags for the “Avenue of Flags” had arrived, it was suggested that perhaps they could be put up earlier than Memorial Day.  Public Parks Director James Creel requested that the date for hoisting the new flags remain on Memorial Day, as this would be timely for honoring those who have served.  This would also cause less wear and tear on the flags and help make sure they last through the entire summer season.  The board agreed, and flags were put in place for Memorial Day weekend.  

The old business discussed by the board consisted of; “Adopt-a-Spot”, Fall Festival and park improvements.  James Creel identified several locations in which “Adopt-a-Spot” areas could be located, such as south of the dog park or alongside the tennis courts to allow individuals, families or businesses to volunteer to beautify that area.  Much of this program will be contingent upon tennis court renovations, but the overall consensus was that this would be a good initiative to develop as a means of adding additional features to the park.

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By Ernie Wren

Photo: State Road Y will receive a new roundabout due to the projected traffic increase on the Richardson tract. This is a commercial development and will most likely host high traffic businesses in the near future. There is a bypass that has been installed that will serve as a detour while that roundabout is being installed. This construction is due to the increase of businesses and the new residental 100-home development that P&M Construction are developing which has been in the planning and zoning stages for quite some time, along with MoDot involvement due to Rte Y being a state run highway.