The Optimist Community Pool has successfully finished the “Summer of Covid 2020”.  “Success” at swim pools is normally gauged by a lack of drownings and good fiscal management.  This summer, the ability to remain open while faced with stringent county regulations, was also an indicator.  Because of the additional regulations, the Optimist Community Pool encountered many unexpected costs, the full extent of which will be known in the coming months.  

The change in pool management costs is sparking a collaborative community wide discussion.  On July 30th, 2020, the Ashland Pool Committee met to begin deliberations and research to come up with a plan.  The members present at the meeting were Optimist President Missy Bonderer, YMCA Director Kip Batye, Alderman Bryan Bradford, and community volunteer Dorise Slinker.  Ms. Bonderer stated that she believes the current agreement between the city and the Optimists is outdated and needs to be reviewed.  The Optimists have received the agreed upon $3,000 city contribution towards expenses only once in the last three years.  From a historical standpoint, Missy Bonderer stated that about 15 years ago the Optimists had considered closing the pool due its age and costs, and examined what other municipalities in similar size had accomplished with pools.  Most examples of pool renovation and renewals involved the use of park taxes.  The Park Board has pledged $5,000 of Ashland’s park taxes to the pool for this summer. 

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By Ernie Wren