An outer road along the east side of Highway 63 from Route H, by the Columbia Airport, to Route M/Y, the exit to Ashland, has been moved to the number four priority spot for the Mid Missouri Planning Commission’s road projects.

Hardwick Lane, starting at Rt. H is currently being moved to the east of its current location from Rt. H. That road construction is being paid for by Cartwright Business and Technology Park, Larry Potterfield’s development just west of the airport.

But officials would like to connect Hardwick Lane with an outer road into Ashland connecting with Eastside Drive.

Boone County District 1 Commissioner, Fred Parry, attended a meeting last year with the Mid Mo Planning Commission alongside Ashland Mayor Gene Rhorer, and previous City Administrator Lyn Woolford on road projects in the Mid Missouri area.

“One of the things we did is to move the concept of an outer road on the East side to alleviate congestion along Highway 63” said Commissioner Parry. “Everyone agrees this is something that is a priority.”

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By Carson Blake