If you thought there was a shortage of live Christmas trees this year because of what your heard or read on the national news, please disregard.

There are plenty of live Christmas trees at the Timber View Tree Farm, just south of Ashland.

Mary Lou and Daryll Raitt owned have operated the farm since 1969 and now their daughter and son-in-law Sandy and Steve Wyatt are heading up the operation – although Daryll and Mary Lou are still taking part in the day-to-day business of greeting customers and getting trees ready for sale.

And there are plenty of trees at Timber View.

“We set a record for sales on Saturday,” Steve Wyatt said on Monday. “I think we probably sold more than 550 trees this past weekend.”

National news reports have cited the recession in the past decade pushed Christmas tree farms to plant fewer Christmas trees. Now, that lower number has caught up with sales and created somewhat of a shortage. But Wyatt says he did not have troubles bringing Fraser fir trees from North Carolina and their own crop of white pines are doing just fine.

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By Bruce Wallace