The construction of the new YMCA facility is progressing right on schedule according to branch director Kip Bayte. The pouring of concrete will start this week, putting the project right where it’s supposed to be on its projected timeline.

Bayte said the new facility is set to be completed in February 2021, with hopes of the doors opening to the public in mid-March to April of 2021.

The project timeline is set out in four phases. Phase one is where the project is at now with the construction of the facility and the moving of the equipment from the old building. For phase two, the YMCA is looking to add basketball courts. They have been talking with FEMA and SEMA to get grants to fund the project. If this happens, they will be able to have the facilities gyms double as FEMA rated storm shelters. Phase three will be more program-based. This will include onsite child care and a wrestling and tumbling room as part of the YMCA wrestling program. Phase four is the indoor aquatic center, which will consist of an indoor pool and possibly an outdoor pool in the future, however, Bayte said unless the right donor comes along, this phase is going to be down the road a little further. Operating a pool is costly and Bayte said the other components of the facility will be prioritized before the pool can be started.

The facility itself will be similar to the current YMCA, but on a larger scale. This will include two new group exercise rooms where yoga and ‘boot-camps’ will take place. They will also be adding a multi-purpose turf room. This new area will be fully furnished with field turf and will have a batting cage, a space for golf activities, and space for speed and agility training. Bayte said it will serve mainly as an open area for hosting soccer and baseball camps and other programs.

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By Alex Naughton