Ashland Baptist Church’s Padovan uses unique design to create new children’s area.

David prepares to slay Goliath

David prepares to slay Goliath

When Michaelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel, he didn’t have to worry about fire codes or “Exit” signs.

While Ashland Baptist Church Children’s Director Andrew Padovan insists he is not doing anything close to a masterpiece, he is creating a new, fun, colorful alternative to what used to be the sanctuary of the church.

Padovan is painting and creating three-dimensional art pieces on the walls of the old sanctuary which depict popular children’s stories from the Bible.

“This will be known as the ‘Kids Rock Room’ and it will be a multi-use area for children up to second grade while adults are in church,” Padovan said. “It will also be used for vacation Bible school and it will be open to all kids of possibilities.”

Padovan started on the 50×50 room at the end of the school year. He hopes to have it completed in about six weeks – if everything goes well.

“The murals and the art, we just want it to ‘Wow!’ the kids,” Padovan said.

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