By: Carson Blake

Before the new City of Ashland Board of Alderman and Mayor could be sworn into office on April 19, 2022, the existing board voted to pass the new fiscal year 2023 city budget. The city budget ends April 30 and begins May 1.

The Board of Alderman voted on a 6% adjustment on employee wages for the fiscal year 2023 in the hope of retaining employees and compensating for the cost of inflation. Concerns over increased inflation and higher interest rates are in the city staff’s scope.

“There was a lot of activity last fiscal year, May 1 through April 30.  We [Ashland]  had major construction going on. We had many people in town with those construction sites purchased in Ashland, which is always very beneficial for the City,” said City Treasurer Shelley Martin. Though the city is expecting new businesses in Ashland and is not expecting the possibility of a decrease in revenue, they are planning for sales tax revenue to even out

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