The new Ashland Police Department will be getting a public emergency dispatch line for after administrative hours.

After a discussion at the Tuesday, May 7, Board of Alderman meeting, the City of Ashland decided to insure people in need could contact emergency services.

“If your car breaks down, or you are in an emergency situation and don’t have a cell phone this would get you in contact with emergency services,” said Alderman Jesse Bronson.

There is no presence at the Police Department other than administrative hours.

If a person needs help, the City and Police Department want to assist those who might show up at the Police Department to find no one physically available. An emergency phone will fill that need.

The City of Columbia Parks and Recreation is currently updating their emergency phones and Ashland will be reutilizing one at the Police Department.

“They are willing to provide us with the phone through a government exchange. This will be hooked up through a phone line outside of the Police Department and is already programed to only call dispatch,” said Police Chief Lyn Woolford.

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By Carson Blake