Many residents purposefully choose to live in the Southern Boone area because of the Southern Boone County School District’s reputation. Ashley Tanksley, new Elementary Assistant Principal, is no exception.

Ashley Tanksley

After her husband, BJ, received a promotion with Missouri Farm Bureau in Jefferson City, the Tanksley’s began looking for school districts rather than a house.

“When we knew we would move to the area, we visited at least six schools, but we moved to Ashland because we picked Southern Boone for our children’s education” said Assistant Principal Tanksley.

Ashley, and her husband BJ are originally from Cape Girardeau. After receiving her Bachelors of Science in Education from Southeast Missouri State, Tanksley began teaching sixth grade. She spent six years as a classroom teacher.

“I taught sixth grade when I was in the classroom, but always wanted to work in elementary” said Tanksley. “It [grade 6] was a fun age, and it made a good transition for me in my job now because we are a 3-5 grade.”

Spending several years in a sixth grade classroom, Tanksley contributes her background classroom knowledge to giving her an edge in working with current students to get them ready for the next level.

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By Carson Blake