New Administrators at SoBoCo Schools

by Bruce Wallace

There will be three new administrators when Southern Boone Schools opens its doors next Wednesday for the first day of the 2016-2017 school year.

While Primary Assistant Principal Lucas Karr and Middle School Assistant Principal Justin Griffith are not new to the SoBoCo community, Elementary Assistant Principal Nick Howard has moved to Boone County from the St. Louis area.

Asst. Principal Lucas Karr with Primary Secretary Missy Kirmse

Asst. Principal Lucas Karr with Primary Secretary Missy Kirmse

Howard, 30, has two years of experience as an elementary principal. After earning his Master’s Degree, he taught PE and coached football at Normandy High School. He moved into administration at the elementary level.

“Having that broad brush, instead of just making an impact on your class, but making an impact on an entire school community” is what encouraged Howard to try working at the elementary level. “To be a leader among the entire school community gives me the chance to have a daily impact on all of our kids,”

Howard said of being an administrator. Howard said he has known about the SoBoCo district for a number of years.

“From its reputation, test scores and things like that we know about in St. Louis. But it is the support from families and the community that really was the draw for me to come here,” Howard said.

As the first person in his job as assistant principal, Howard said he wants to serve his students, faculty and parents as best he can.

“No matter how small the task or how big the task, I will work to do everything I can to help where I can where we can reach our goals.”

According to Elementary Principal Amy James, Howard is a perfect fit for the SoBoCo district.

“He has two years of experience in the job and is coming in ready to learn the Southern Boone system,” James said.

“He is not afraid to ask questions He is looking forward to meeting our families – Nick is a good fit.”

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