Dale Long, originally from North Kansas City, is the new Athletic Director for Southern Boone County Schools. 

Long is replacing former Athletic Director Pat Lacy who retired from Southern Boone County after 15 years as Athletic Director, with additional years of service, including coaching basketball.

The Athletic Director, A.D., position focuses on middle and high school activities and sports, providing guidance for the programs and coaches, preparing budgets, facility upkeep and maintaining a standard of conduct.

“It includes all activities, not just athletic. The position is more of an activity director,” said School Board President Barrett Glascock.

The director position oversees every activity from Quiz Bowl, dances, and football. Knowledge of sportsmanship, Title 9, and a comprehensive outlook of school participation were key factors in finding the correct fit for the Southern Boone School District community.

“I like to see kids play multiple sports…

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By Carson Blake