The residents of Palomino Ridge have been voicing concerns about speeding in the subdivision.

Julie Squire, a resident that lives on Mustang, requested at the May 21 Board of Alderman meeting for more police surveillance and speed bumps.

“People fly around the curves like it’s NASCAR,” said Julie Squire.

Also suggested is a crosswalk from Martha Crump crossing Main Street to the high school, and eliminate parking within 50 ft. of the stop signs.

“I have seen people just fly over the speed bumps. They don’t care,” said Mayor Gene Rhorer.

The Ashland Police Department conducted extra surveillance and monitored traffic speeds over the last months.

“Most speeds are an average of 28 mph and under, with one or two high speeds recorded,” said Chief Woolford.

The Board will take the requests and discuss them further.

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By Carson Blake