Lead Photo:  Brenna Young, Malori Farren’s, Adalyn Schiermeier, and Maggie Young had a in their snow fort this past weekend as they dug through 17-inches of snow that fell on Southern Boone on Friday and Saturday. There is a chance for more snow this weekend. 

“There’s just a lot of snow out there,” said SoBoCo superintendent Chris Felmlee, as he explained why Southern schools would be out of class again on Tuesday.
How much snow was it?
Ashland Optimist Bingo was called off on Friday.
McDonald’s was closed Saturday morning.
It was so much snow, Ashland, yes, Ashland, and it’s 17-inches of snow was mentioned on a Weather Channel graphic.
The first snowfall of 2019 started early Friday afternoon as students were dismissed from school just after lunch. By 2 p.m., the roads were a mess.
The snow kept coming and city crews worked hard to keep up.
There were a number of fender-benders and slide-offs, however, there were no injury accidents reported in Southern Boone.
“We had three vehicles to push snow and a backhoe to move snow out of the cul-de-sacs,” said City Administrator Lyn Woolford. “The worked nearly round the clock.”
Woolford said he was “happy” about the lack of complaints as city crews worked through the day Saturday and returned on Sunday afternoon to complete the effort to keep the streets clean of snow.
However, city crews worked a combined 120-plus hours of overtime, creating what Woolford called “a budget buster.”

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